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Inducing sexual conversion in Plasmodium falciparum.

Oriol Llorà

Plasmodium falciparum is transmitted to human hosts through the bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes. Inside the host it begins a chronic cycle of asexual growth within erythrocytes. During each asexual cycle, some parasites differentiate into male or female gamete precursors called gametocytes, capable of infecting a new mosquito and undergo sexual reproduction. The study of gametocytes remains challenging, mainly …

Design of Electric Motorcycle, Optimization of power converters with SiC technology.

Efren Fernandez

The implementation of a prototype electric motorcycle is presented, In addition, use of silicon carbide technology is analyzed for the purpose of improving efficiency in the power converter system. The main objective is to obtain a final product that meets the standards of safety and quality to reach mass production and improve the mobility of persons and university students.


Mònica Sanromà Giménez, Santiago Domínguez García, Jordi Mogas Recalde

SIMUL@B: 3D simulations laboratory for the digital teaching competence development is an I+D project funded by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad del Gobierno de España (Ref. EDU2013-42223-P) and developed by the Applied Research Group in Education and Technology (ARGET) (Ref. 2014SGR1399) from Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona) with the collaboration of two more universities: Universitat de Lleida and Universitat d’Andorra. …

The Entrepreneur and Inverstor Relationship in Equity Crowdfunding. Agency or Trust concerns?

Hubert Augusto Joo Kitano

Crowdfunding can be considered a new and creative source of funding that has today become increasingly available for entrepreneurs looking to finance their venture through equity. As a concept the crowdfunding phenomenon is quite new but has developed and spread significantly in the past years. The aims of the proposed research are: to analyze the agent and trust relations among …

REDES-ID: Una aplicación web para explorar y fomentar el desarrollo de la identidad investigadora durante el doctorado.

Núria Suñé-Soler

Uno de los problemas que más preocupa en el ámbito de la Educación Doctoral es la elevada ratio de abandono. Mientras que a nivel internacional un 50% de los doctorandos no termina sus estudios (Ali y Kohun, 2006; Gardner, 2009; McAlpine et al., 2015), en España el porcentaje es muy superior, alcanzando proporciones del 70-90% (de Miguel Díaz, 2010). Para …

Sham hemodialysis. From basics to clinical practice.

Miquel Gomez Umbert

Hemodialysis consists in a blood extracorporeal treatment for end stage renal disease patients. In brief, the continuously extracted blood from the patient is submitted to a diffusion/convection process through a semi-permeable membrane (dialyzer), surrounded by a biocompatible bath. Thus, toxins are eliminated from the body whereas the electrolytic balance is maintained. In order to improve the outcomes in the clinical …

Effective thermal conductivity in nanosystems

Marc Calvo Schwarzwälder

The effective thermal conductivity of nanosystems is known to be strongly depending on their characteristic sizes. In steady state situations, the Guyer-Krumhansl equations have shown to give theoretical predictions that are in good agreement with experimental data. Here we use a specific slip boundary condition to determine the effective thermal conductivity in Si nanowires. We obtain a new expression depending …

The impact of school and home opportunities in self-determination development

Cristina Mumbardó-Adam

Students with intellectual disability can experience challenges during the period of transition from secondary to post-school life (e.g., from school to work, postsecondary education, and community living) as social and contextual demands gradually increase from classroom and family context requirements to job and citizenship demands (Morningstar, Lombardi, Fowler, & Test, 2015; Wehman, 2006). These changing demands create a need for …

Association of diet quality with dietary inflammatory potential in youth.

Rowaedh Bawaked

Background: Diet plays a crucial role in the regulation of chronic inflammation. Many foods and nutrients affect the body’s inflammatory balance, and low-grade inflammation is related to chronic disease. The sparse evidence available in adult populations indicates that diet quality is linked to the dietary inflammatory potential; however, this association has not been established in children and young people. Design: Data …